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Medical Color Ultrasound

4D color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

Cart Doppler Ultrasound B Ultrasound
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Medical Oxygen Concentrator

1L,3L,5L,10L professional home medical oxygen machine

oxygen machine
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LED TFT Pulse Oximeter

LK87 ,LK88, LK89 Blood oxymeter original manufacturer

lk88 oximeter
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ECG, monitor, color Doppler ultrasound, oximeter, oxygen concentrator, microbar-ic oxygen chamber, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, sphygmomanometer, alcohol measuring instrument, nuclear radiation detector, etc.


OEM Service

We can custom your LOGO on product body,product box,product Start-up screen

Factory direct shipping

No middlemen to earn the price difference.Worry-free after-sales service


If there is natural damage, can be replaced within two years, free of charge

OEM service

Color ultrasound

Customize your own logo on the color ultrasound body or on the color ultrasound power-up screen

5 liter oxygen concentrator

Customize your own logo on the oxygen concentrator body

TFT oximeter A2

Customize your own logo on the oximeter body, or customize your own pulse oximeter gift box

Shipping&Security Package

Step 1: Finished cart-based ultrasound from workshops

Cart Doppler Ultrasound

Step 2: Trolley-type ultrasound is placed in a super thick sponge box

Ultrasound BOX

Step 3: Place the sponge-filled ultrasound in a super thick cardboard box

Ultrasound wooden box

Step 4: Extend the wooden box to ensure that the Color Doppler is not damaged


One of the hospitals in China is using our ultrasound equipment and the hospital staff is practicing the operation

Hyperbaric chamber placed in the office, you can breathe oxygen during lunch break or after work, so that your cells get full vitality

Color ultrasound for Uzbekistan hospital

Kazakhstan Hospital adopts our cart-type ultrasound, the customer has already installed the B ultrasound and officially used it

Our customer

Color ultrasound for Pakistan

Our sales visit to our Pakistani customers about color Doppler ultrasound device

ultrasound color CMEF

At our sales counter, customers inquiring about our color Doppler ultrasound price

hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Business people take a break in the oxygen chamber after get off work

Production Workshop

ECG, monitor production line

Color ultrasound production line

Color ultrasound production line

Oxygen Machine production line


Dekang Medical Devices (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. mainly develops and produces ultrasound, electrocardiograms, monitors, sphygmomanometers, oximeters, and other medical equipment products. These products have special production workshops. Due to the new crown epidemic, our product range has been forced to continue to expand, all products can be OEM, bulk purchases are welcome, and free inquiry

Dekang Medical company
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