How is the effect of China Medical Equipment Exhibition CMEF 2023?

CMEF, China’s largest medical exhibition, is held twice a year, in Shanghai and Shenzhen. This year’s CMEF 2023 Shenzhen medical exhibition has a particularly popular flow of visitors, with the number of visitors reaching 600,000 during the four days of the exhibition.


CMEF China is the world’s largest medical exhibition, covering rehabilitation medicine, international elderly care, home medicine, hospital construction, and logistics management, disinfection and infection control, medical services, emergency rescue, pet health, medical consumables, orthopedics, medical imaging, medical robots, medical electronics Equipment, in vitro diagnostic IVD, international exhibition area, international smart health, operating room, medical optics, medical device manufacturing exhibition, etc. Nearly 4,000 brand companies from more than 20 countries and regions presented tens of thousands of products. The exhibition covers an area of 200,000 square meters and focuses on about 700 industry elites, academicians, and experts, bringing a high-end blend of talents to the global medical industry and a feast of collision of ideas.

CMEF 2024

It brings together the most cutting-edge products in the global industrial chain and is an “aircraft carrier-level” event for the medical device industry. Portable oxygen concentrators and cup-type oxygen concentrators are the highlights of this oxygen concentrator exhibition. Portable air pressure massage systems are also known for their innovative Pipeless and portable design.

The exhibition presents an international, professional, and intelligent development path, especially in Hall 12, where big-name companies are concentrated, displaying the world’s top superconducting magnetic resonance, CT ring gantry radiotherapy platform-TOMO, and shining medical robots. Come on stage. The application of AI throughout the exhibition is becoming more and more in-depth and smarter.

Since China is currently upgrading its industry and its population is declining, if it still pursues high GDP, it will inevitably need to upgrade its industry and increase unit GDP in order to boost China’s economic development. Those low-end, high-pollution industries are constantly being transferred to Southeast Asian countries. China vigorously develops high-end industries such as medical care, photovoltaics, new energy, education, services, and finance.

CMEF shenzhen

Shenzhen has taken up the important task of building a world-class medical technology city and constantly introducing high-end talents from home and abroad. Create a new highland for global medical care. I think CMEF 2024 Shanghai will have a wealth of products and even more AI products will be unveiled at the exhibition. Let us look forward to CMEF 2024.

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