How to build a DIY hyperbaric oxygen chamber

diy hyperbaric oxygen chamber

What is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

The DIY hyperbaric oxygen chamber uses an oxygen chamber to raise the pressure of oxygen to above 1 standard atmosphere. It provides deep oxygen therapy to the cells of the human brain, skin, and respiratory system. It can prevent various diseases and also treat various diseases. Rehabilitation treatment, such as gas poisoning, etc. Generally, normal oxygen therapy time is about one hour.

The composition of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is composed of three major parts: an oxygen generator, an air conditioner, and an oxygen chamber. The oxygen generator of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber should be 10 liters or more so that the oxygen in the oxygen chamber rises quickly.

The process of a DIY hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The first step of a DIY hyperbaric oxygen chamber is to make an oxygen chamber, which is made of steel plates and welded into a similar independent single room according to the design requirements of the oxygen chamber, such as double, four, eight, etc. Welding is the key technology of the oxygen chamber. The key technology of welding needs to ensure the firmness and sealing of the welding joint. This requires finding workers with high welding skills and mastering the welding time and temperature during the welding process. This requires a high-level welding talent. The pressure the oxygen chamber withstands is 1.3 to 2 atmospheres. The oxygen chamber must be sealed, pressure-resistant, and pressure-resistant.

After welding a complete oxygen chamber, the surface of the oxygen chamber needs to be polished, often using sandblasting, spraying, or electroplating. After all this is installed, the fiberglass for the oxygen chamber needs to be installed. Fiberglass is installed on the wall of the oxygen chamber to facilitate communication with people outside the oxygen chamber. Let people outside the cabin see the situation inside the oxygen chamber. Glass fiber has strong pressure resistance, high transparency, and strong corrosion resistance.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber oxygen supply control system

After the oxygen chamber is built, start to build the oxygen supply system, oxygen pipe, oxygen generator, regulating valve, etc. of the oxygen chamber. During the construction process, the key is to ensure that the oxygen supply system of the oxygen chamber is tightly connected to the oxygen chamber, ensuring that the oxygen chamber does not leak air, does not release pressure, and that oxygen is transported smoothly. The key is the controller of the supply system, which is the core of the entire hyperbaric oxygen chamber, because all accessories, such as oxygen generators, oxygen chambers, and air conditioners, are hardware equipment without high technical content. However, the core technology of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the oxygen supply control system of the oxygen chamber. This can be outsourced to a professional software company, or you can set up a project team to develop the oxygen control system software and develop your own hyperbaric oxygen chamber control system with independent property rights. software.

Generally, the oxygen supply control system of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber includes temperature and humidity controller, pressure resistance controller, oxygen chamber oxygen supply time controller, etc. Important parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and oxygen therapy time in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber are obtained through temperature, humidity, pressure, and time sensors, and are displayed on the LCD screen.

Debugging and testing of hyperbaric oxygen chamber

After the above steps, the entire hyperbaric oxygen chamber is completed. After completion, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber needs to undergo strict testing and experiments to ensure the safety and pressure resistance of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, including whether there is leakage of oxygen and the maximum pressure that the oxygen chamber can withstand. After several rounds of rigorous testing, it can be used.

The key technology of the entire DIY hyperbaric oxygen chamber lies in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber oxygen control system software. Other hardware equipment can be outsourced and assembled. As long as you master the hyperbaric oxygen chamber oxygen control system software, the basic hyperbaric oxygen chamber will be completed.

How much is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Home oxygen chambers and soft hyperbaric oxygen chambers are generally in the range of several thousand dollars
Hardware hyperbaric oxygen chambers for a home and hyperbaric oxygen chamber price is around tens of thousands of dollars.
A large medical commercial hyperbaric oxygen chamber cost is generally over 100,000 US dollars.


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