Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hospital oxygen chamber, Personal  oxygen chamber, Soft body oxygen chamber, hard body oxygen chamber

Classification of hyperbaric oxygen chambers

According to the different cabins, they are divided into hard body oxygen cabin and soft body oxygen cabin.

Hard body oxygen chambers are generally steel plate hard body chambers made of 5 cm thick steel plates. Generally used for use by more than 2 people. Applicable places: nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, gyms, medical use, etc. And, hard hyperbaric oxygen chamber price is usually higher than soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Soft oxygen chambers are generally made of non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly materials. It is as soft as cloth and is usually suitable for single-person household use, outdoor travel, mountaineering, etc. Soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber cost is cheaper than Hard body oxygen chambers.

According to the purpose of the oxygen chamber:

Medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, home hyperbaric oxygen chamber (civilian hyperbaric oxygen chamber)

The difference between a medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber and a civilian hyperbaric oxygen chamber


Medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber : At 2 atmospheres, the purity of oxygen is 100% . It mainly suitable for brain treatment, such as cerebral hemorrhage, heartbeat, breathing, meningitis, etc.

Home hyperbaric oxygen chamber ( personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber ): 1.5 atmospheres, the purity of oxygen is less than 100%, suitable for health care, travel, beauty, etc.

How to buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber:

It mainly depends on your usage scenario. Most hyperbaric oxygen chambers purchased by yourself are usually used by yourself or for commercial purposes. This type of hyperbaric oxygen chamber is for civilian use. For personal use, you can choose an economical soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is also convenient for outdoor travel. If you use it at home and your financial situation is good, you can choose to buy a hardware hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The service life and effect of a hardware hyperbaric oxygen chamber are definitely better than that of a software one.

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