Oxygen Machine

Classification of oxygen concentrators

1. Based on product purity and use:

High-purity oxygen equipment: a device that produces oxygen with a purity of more than 99.2%, commonly used in industrial fields.

Low-purity oxygen equipment: a device that produces oxygen purity below 90%, often used to improve certain production processes.

Home oxygen generator: Using air as raw material, it can produce oxygen, nitrogen and various mixed gases.It is mainly divided into two categories: physical oxygen production and chemical oxygen production.

Medical oxygen concentrator :This type of equipment is suitable for patients with new coronavirus, pneumonia, and those who have difficulty breathing.

2. According to product type and working principle:

Single high product equipment: simply produces high purity oxygen.

Double-high product equipment: produce high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen at the same time.

Full extraction equipment: equipped with rare gas extraction device.

3. According to product output and usage occasions:

Small equipment: the oxygen production capacity is less than 800 cubic meters per hour.

Medium-sized equipment: oxygen production capacity is 1,000 to 6,000 cubic meters per hour.

Large equipment: oxygen production capacity greater than 10,000 cubic meters per hour

Which type of home oxygen concentrator is better?

At present, there are electronic oxygen generators, molecular sieve oxygen generators, chemical agent oxygen generators, etc. on the market.

Among them, the molecular sieve oxygen generator is the safest and most stable oxygen generator. The molecular sieve oxygen generator uses gas separation technology to directly extract oxygen from the air. The flow rate of the oxygen generator is controllable. The best choice for home oxygen concentrators.

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