5 liter oxygen concentrator

Key Benefits

  • Medical 5-liter oxygen concentrator
  • 5-liter continuous flow oxygen concentrator
  • Adjustable 1-5L
  • Quiet noise reduction


  • Patients requiring oxygen
  • Health and wellness to maintain skin vitality


  • 3L , 5L , 10L optional


Oxygen concentrator precautions for use

1. Choose the room where the indoor 5-liter oxygen concentrator is most convenient to use so that it can be easily moved from one room to another by means of casters.
2. Do not place the oxygen concentrator in an environment where airflow is obstructed.
3. The oxygen concentrator should be placed in a ventilated room and avoid direct sunlight, with all sides more than 10cm from walls, furniture, and other similar objects. Avoid piles of carpets, heaters, electric heaters, or hot air ventilators. The oxygen concentrator must not be placed in a narrow range.
4. The oxygen concentrator should not be placed in the following environments: near heat sources and open or dark fires, humid, uncovered, smoky and polluted, or too high or too low temperatures.
5. The oxygen concentrator should avoid being placed in the place of pollutants or smoke.
6. The top of the oxygen concentrator should not be placed with debris and water and oil containers.
7. No debris should be placed on the bottom of the 5-liter oxygen concentrator, and the machine should not be placed on soft surfaces (such as beds and sofas) that will cause tilting or sinking. Prevent the inlet and exhaust port from blocking causing high temperature and stopping or oxygen concentration dropping. *Some areas’ courier networks can not support home delivery, please consult customer service for details.

5-liter oxygen concentrator Specification

Oxygen concentration >93%±3%
Display type LCD screen
Input power <450W
Oxygen production flow range 0-5L
Design Noise 《55DB
Net weight 23KG
Gross weight 26KG
Power supply specification AC 220V/50Hz
Machine size 365×375×590m
Carton size 450×415×685mm


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