Best portable ultrasound

Key Benefits

  • High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor
  • Support local country
  • Color Image
  • Convenient to carry


  • Inspection of the abdomen, heart, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, small organs, pediatrics, blood vessels, etc.


  • OEM startup screen LOGO
  • Local Language can be customized

Portable Doppler Ultrasound Features

Full digital imaging technology best portable ultrasound
Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging Technique Best portable ultrasound
Space Composite Imaging Technology
Multi-beam synthesis technology
Image Enhancement Noise Reduction
B/BC dual real-time display

Imaging mode
1. B mode
2. M-mode
3. Color (color Doppler) mode
4. PDI (Power Doppler) mode
5. PW (pulse Doppler) mode

Image display mode
B, 2B, B+M, 4B, M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW, B+Color+PW, B+PDI+PW,
B+C/PDI dual real-time

Supported Probes
1. Convex array probe
2. Linear array probe
3. Endocavity Probe
4. Probe frequency: 2.0-10.0MHz
5. Probe socket: 2

color ultrasound image

Movie playback
1. 2D mode, B maximum: ≥5000 frames, Color, PDI maximum: ≥2500 frames;
2. Timeline mode (M, PW), maximum: ≥ 190s

Image enlargement
Real-time scanning (B, B+C, 2B, 4B) status: infinite zoom

Image storage
1. Support JPG, BMP, FRM image format and CIN, AVI movie format
2. Support local storage;
3. Support DICOM, and comply with DICOM3.0 standard
4. Built-in workstation: supports large-capacity hard disk (≥500GB), supports patient data retrieval and browsing

System language
English operating system and other languages can be customized according to customers

Measurement Calculation Software Package
Abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, small organs, heart, blood vessels, etc.

Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, the screen provides power display information

Measurement and Calculation
1. B/C Mode Conventional Measurement: Distance, Area, Perimeter, Volume, Angle, Area Ratio, Distance Ratio
2. M mode routine measurement: time, slope, heart rate, distance
3. Doppler mode routine measurement: heart rate, flow rate, flow rate ratio, resistance index, pulsation index, manual/
Automatic envelope, acceleration, time, heart rate
4. Obstetric B, PW mode application measurement: including comprehensive obstetric diameter measurement, body weight, singleton gestational age, and birth
Long curve, amniotic fluid index, fetal physiological score measurement, etc.
5. Gynecological B-Mode Applied Measurements
6. Cardiac B, M mode application measurement
7. Vascular PW Mode Application Measurements
8. Small Organ B-Mode Application Measurements
9. Urinary B-Mode Applied Measurements
10. Pediatric B-Mode Applied Measurements
11. Abdominal B-Mode Applied Measurements

Best portable ultrasound

Ultrasound Machine standard configuration

1. Best portable ultrasound full digital host          1pcs
2. High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor          1pcs
3. Ultra-wide variable frequency abdominal convex array probe         1 pcs
4. Linear array probe         1pcs

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