doppler ultrasound machine

Key Benefits

  • Internet WIFI remote operation color Doppler ultrasound
  • Dual-screen dual-system telemedicine system
  • Powerful system work operation software
  • 4D doppler ultrasound


Application of color Doppler ultrasound

  • Abdominal Ultrasound Diagnosis
  • Gynecological clinical diagnosis
  • Ultrasound Diagnosis of Vascular Small Organs
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of limbs and heart


  • OEM startup screen LOGO
  • Portable notebook, cart type optional

Doppler Ultrasound Machine Technical Features:

  • Multi-beam synthesis technology Doppler ultrasound machine;
  • Real-time multi-point dynamic focus imaging;
  • Pulse inversion harmonic composite imaging;
  • Space composite technology;
  • Image enhancement and noise reduction technology.

Ultrasound System Feature:

4d ultrasounds near me

It adopts a dual-screen dual-system configuration, with dual-engine platforms of ultrasound imaging system and Internet workstation system, and connects to Internet software through the instrument’s own WIFI, to realize remote guidance of image and video transmission experts, real-time online training, etc. The four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound uses the current internationally popular black and white color matching, exquisite mold production, equipped with a dual-screen dual-system operating platform, easy-to-achieve telemedicine, and online guidance. Truly high appearance, high configuration, and high added value.

Color Ultrasound Host Function Collocation:

color doppler ultrasound

128 array element variable frequency probe
19-inch high-definition color Doppler ultrasound main screen
10.4 inch LED workstation auxiliary screen
USB interface: 6
DICOM interface: 2
Main display universal rotation system
Dual probe jacks (four interfaces are optional)

Color Doppler Workstation Solution

The probe automatically recognizes the intelligent monitoring backlit keyboard, which facilitates the operation process
Comes with a WIFI connection and Internet telemedicine
Professional color doppler ultrasound device workstation operating software
Support printing of beautiful graphic reports
Powerful software measurement package for Doppler ultrasound machine


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