dvot 快篩 8 in 1 antigen test kit for covid19 sars cov2 influenza A B AIDS

Key Benefits

  • Sars-cov-2 Influenza A, B Antigen kit ….. 8 in1


  • New crown antigen
  • Influenza A . B

Dvot 快篩 8 in 1 antigen test kit for COVID-19 sars cov2 influenza A B AIDS Muitplex Respiratorr Antigen test kit SARS COV2 RSV MP ADV FLU A B  PIV1/3 PIV2


During the first few days of a COVID-19 illness, symptoms tend to be nonspecific and may include cough, fever, and sore throat. These symptoms can be indistinguishable from other viral infections, such as influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus(RSV). or viruses associated with the common cold. Because of this, combo diagnostic testing is needed and important, not only to determine the cause of the illness but also to determine whether treatment is appropriate. The Dvot 快篩 help you test all .

Dvot 快篩 SARS-CoV-2 RSV MP ADV FIu A/B PIV1/3 PIV2 fluorecare 6 in 1 fluorecare combo test kit Antig0n Combo indicaid Test Kit is an easy and rapid way to identify which infections cause the symptoms. It can be used anywhere and anytime by yourself

Anterior Nasal swab Anteriorer Nasenabstrich

What is DVOT ?

The DVOT is a rapid screening test for infectious diseases. It can be self-tested at home and the results can be obtained in 15 minutes. It is efficient and confidential. Can test for 8 incoming viruses.


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