home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Key Benefits

  • Working pressure 150KPA
  • The concentration of negative oxygen ions is more than 500,000 per cubic centimeter
  • Oxygen chamber equipped with air conditioning
  • Oxygen chamber products are equipped with lights
  • Lying, lying, and sitting optional


  • Plateau tourism
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • CPR rehabilitation
  • National sports team
  • Gymnasium


  • Oxygen chamber, to map customization

Home hyperbaric oxygen chamber Product parameters

Product name: Single-seat space capsule home hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Rated power: 880W (oxygen source machine)
600W (pressure generator)
210W (cooling and dehumidifier (optional))
Power supply: 220V/110V
Oxygen flow rate: 5L/min (1.3 ata, 1.5ata stable and non-destructive oxygen supply)
Product size: 365*375*600mm (oxygen source machine)
550*330*450mm (pressure generator)
310*310*210mm (cooling dehumidifier (optional))
1500*600*1200mm (oxygen chamber)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Features

Oxygen concentration ;30%t2%
Slightly high-pressure environment:1.3-1.5 atmospheres
Pressurized oxygen production: synchronized
PSA Molecular Sieve: Physical Oxygen Production
Exclusive timing:30-120 minutes
Bass design: low-decibel noise
Portable storage: software is easy to disassemble and install
The cabin is made of TPU material: environmentally friendly and easy to clean
Easy to operate: LCD touchscreen display

Components of a home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The hyperbaric home physiotherapy oxygen chamber consists of a high-strength medical-grade TPU nanocomposite fiber material chamber (safety door, observation window, safety valve), a hyperbaric oxygen machine, and an air circuit. With a supporting frame, mattress, and other accessories.
The hyperbaric oxygen chamber simulates an environment with a pressure of 1.3-1.5 atmospheres. People breathe in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Due to the increase in pressure, a large amount of oxygen dissolves in the blood, and the amount of oxygen dissolved in the human blood increases significantly, and improves blood pressure. Oxygen partial pressure improves blood oxygen diffusion capacity and increases the effective diffusion radius of oxygen. People inhale oxygen in the cabin for treatment and health care, provide effective and sufficient oxygen to the hypoxic body, and increase oxygen content and oxygen storage in tissues, thereby Play a health care effect.

Efficient Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Rapid oxygen generation, oxygen flow up to 5/10/20L
Continuous oxygen supply, the oxygen concentration in the cabin is stable at 30%±2%
The pressure in the cabin is 1.3±0.1 atmosphere (adjustable)pressure

Oxygen concentration and pressure can be set by yourself

The pressure and oxygen concentration can be set by yourself, and the pressure control can be set according to the special situation, and the pressure and oxygen concentration can be set according to the situation.
The instrument and the safety valve of the cabin realize double pressure control, which is safer and more assured.
Oxygen concentration: upper limit 30.00%
Air pressure: upper limit 1.5psi
Carbon dioxide: upper limit 5000ppm, lower limit 3000ppm
Temperature: upper limit 30.0°C lower limit 20.0°C
Boost delay: 0min

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