lk88 TFT pulse oximeter original manufacturer

Key Benefits

  • Responsive
  • Fast data output
  • The data is strictly calibrated, accurate data
  • 100% Qualified product


  • Covid-19 Patients
  • Monitoring Respiratory Conditions
  • Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Neonatal Care


  • OEM LOGO, box customized
  • ODM Oximeter case

lk88 pulse oximeter specification

Display: TFT color screen lk88 pulse oximeter
Screen Display color: 4 colors
Display index: blood oxygen SpO2, pulse PR, perfusion index PI
Chip motherboard: 48-pin large chip (high quality and high performance), 20-pin chip (economical style)
Charging method: two 3A dry batteries (the battery is not included in the factory, it needs to be purchased separately)
Bare metal specifications: 57MM long * 33MM wide * 32MM high
Bare metal weight: 27g (without battery) Charging method: two 3A dry batteries
Packaging: color box packaging, product, certificate of conformity, manual, lanyard
Packing box specification: 9 * 6.1 * 3.8cm
Weight with packing box: 50g (excluding battery)
200 pcs Quantity of box gauge: 200 pcs/box Outer box size: 47.5*38.5*27.5cm
Net weight: 10KG /CTN
Gross weight: 10.5KG/CTN
Blood oxygen saturation measurement (SpO2): 0~100% (accuracy ±1%)
Pulse measurement range (PR): 30~250bpm (accuracy ±1bpm)
Blood perfusion index (PI): The greater the pulsating blood flow, the more pulsating components, and the greater the PI value (currently there is no uniform range)

Pulse oximeter user manual

1. Install a pair of AAA batteries into the battery compartment.
2. Plug a finger into a rubber hole of the Oximeter.
3. Press the button on the front panel to start.
4. Do not shake your finger or move your body when the Oximeter is working.
5. Press the button if you want to change the display direction.
6. Read the relevant value from the display screen.
7. The device will automatically power off in 8 seconds if there is no finger signal.

About oximeter shoppers, precautions when using oximeters

When plugging your finger into the Oximeter, your nail surface must be upward.
Declaration: Please use the alcohol to clean the rubber before each test and
clean the tested finger with alcohol before and after the test. (The rubber inside
of the Oximeter is a rubber that has no toxin, causes no harm, and brings no
side effects such as allergy to the skin).

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