Nuclear radiation detector

Key Benefits

  • X-rays Y-rays B-rays
  • Nuclear wastewater testing
  • Medical nuclear radiation
  • Industrial nuclear radiation
  • Food radiation
  • Stone, jade nuclear radiation


  • Daily home
  • Medical environment
  • Industrial environment
  • Pregnant women and children
  • Customs workplace-related groups


  • Plastic case, Aluminum case optional
  • Packaging customization

Nuclear radiation detector workshop

Nuclear radiationhome Nuclear radiation detector Nuclear radiation detector for home

Nuclear radiation detector

Nuclear radiation detectors parameter

Detection and counting:48mm Geiger counting tube
Measuring range:0.05uSv~10mSv
Working environment:-20~50℃
Battery capacity:350mah
Battery life:15~24 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
Charging method: USB-type-c
Product size:16*27*150MM
Body material: aluminum alloy
Screen size:0.96 inches TFT color screen

Packing details

Bare metal size: 16*27*150mm
Data cable length: 50mm type-c charging cable
Manual specifications: English/Japanese
Packing box size: 33 thickness * 75 width * 142 length mm
Click the package weight of about 120g
Outer box size: 350 height * 395 lengths * 300 width
Packing Quantity: 100pcs
FCL weight: 13kg

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