Ready-made single-person home software micro-hyperbaric oxygen hyperbaric chamber for sale

Key Benefits

  • Working pressure 150KPA
  • The concentration of negative oxygen ions is more than 500,000 per cubic centimeter
  • Oxygen chamber equipped with air conditioning
  • Oxygen chamber products are equipped with lights
  • Lying, lying, and sitting optional


  • Plateau tourism
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • CPR rehabilitation
  • National sports team
  • Gymnasium


  • Oxygen chamber, to map customization

oxygen hyperbaric chamber for sale

Oxygen hyperbaric chamber specification

Product name:  home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Cabin pressure: 30KPA

Host size:47*28.5*55.6

Power: 550W

Cabin size:20.2*85*210CM

Power: AC22V

Host weight: 27KG

home hyperbaric oxygen chamber


home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

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