Personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Key Benefits

  • Working pressure 110-150KPA
  • The cabin comes with temperature and humidity adjustment
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Touch screen LCD
  • Lying, lying, and sitting optional


  • Plateau tourism
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • CPR rehabilitation
  • National sports team
  • Gymnasium


  • Oxygen chamber, to map customization

Personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber Parameters

Product name: personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Cabin size: L1500mm*W600mm*H1200mm
Floor space:2.5m
Cabin material: aviation TPU flexible material
Host power: 880W
Oxygen concentration: 93±3%
Cabin pressure: 1.1-1.3atm(optional)
Cabin color: White (optional)

Body of oxygen chamber specification

home oxygen chamber size

The cabin of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home is made of high-quality aviation environmental protection grade biodegradable TPU, laser cutting, and seamless heat sealing.
Use Japan YKK zipper to do a double-layer flexible adaptive differential pressure space isolation sealing method sealing.
The cabin is equipped with an oxygen headset, safety relief valve, manual relief valve, pressure gauge, and observation window.
The cabin is connected to the central unit by a snap-on multi-pipe or threaded multi-pipe sealing connector.
The cabin can be optionally equipped with a removable support frame, the house does not inflate and also keep an upright, beautiful atmosphere.
The noise inside the cabin is < 55 dB.
Cabin life > 3000 hours

Micro hyperbaric oxygen chamber oxygen generator

Rated power: 800W
Host weight: 38Kg
There are two levels of pressure in the cabin: experience mode 1.15atm/ normal mode 1.3atm
Noise: 42dB(A)
Power supply: 110-220V/50Hz
Host size: 360*420*680mm
Oxygen flow/pressure/concentration: 5L/min/100Kpa/85%-95%
Oxygen-enriched flow/pressure/dispersion concentration: 30L/min, /120Kpa/32%
Boost flow/pressure/dispersion concentration: 120L/min/130Kpa/21%

Oxygen Chamber Host

The machine uses PLC control, all independent research, and development, with invention patents. With ozone disinfection function, can sterilize the cabin to remove the odor. The maximum noise of the machine: the whole machine ≤ 60 dB. 25000 hours of service life of the host. Control system to monitor the operation of the host including cabin pressure, oxygen concentration and flow, running time, ambient temperature, dehumidifier work status, etc.

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