Portable 1-5 liter oxygen machines for home

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Key Benefits

  • Medical 1-liter oxygen concentrator
  • 1-liter continuous-flow oxygen concentrator
  • Adjustable 1-7L
  • Quiet noise reduction


  • Patients requiring oxygen
  • Health and wellness to maintain skin vitality

Dealer cooperation

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Portable oxygen machines specification

Product Name: portable oxygen machines
Oxygen flow: 1-7L adjustable
Oxygen concentration: 93%3% (at 1L/min)
Operating noise: standard measured value<45db(A)
Rated voltage: 110V-220V
Product Name: Household Oxygen Machine
Product net weight: 6.5Kg
Rated power: 120VA
Negative ions: >8 million/cm
Product size: 315*213*309mm
Operation mode: continuous operation

portable oxygen machines stock

oxygen machine

Molecular sieve oxygen generator

A molecular sieve oxygen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. The physical method (PSA method) directly extracts oxygen from the air. ), there is no danger such as high pressure and explosion.

OEM oxygen concentrator service is welcome, we have a complete industrial chain of medical products, involving medical products, oxygen concentrators, oximeters, and oxygen chambers all products we can produce, from upstream medical accessories to a downstream complete sales system, so that We have strong medical product integration capabilities, and you can enjoy permanent fee-based services if you choose us. Welcome to bulk purchase。


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