pulse oximeter PI TFT screen LK89 manufacturers


Key Benefits

  • Responsive
  • Fast data output
  • The data is strictly calibrated, accurate data
  • 100% Qualified product


  • Covid-19 Patients
  • Monitoring Respiratory Conditions
  • Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Neonatal Care


  • OEM LOGO, box customized
  • ODM Oximeter case

LK89 Pulse oximeter parameter

Product model: lk89 Finger clip pulse oximeter pi
Display screen: 4 color screen
Blood oxygen saturation: Measurement range: 70%-99%
Measuring accuracy: 80%-90% error +2%(including 80%)
70% ~ 79% of error of plus or minus 3%
Resolution: Blood oxygen saturation +1%
Pulse rate: Measurement range (30BPM~240BPM error 1)

What does pi on a pulse oximeter mean?

PI pulse oximeter

The oximeter PI value is generally the blood perfusion index, and the normal range is usually 4-5. oximeter is an instrument that detects blood oxygen saturation, and PI is one of the parameter indicators that reflects the state of blood perfusion in the limb of the person being tested, i.e. the state of blood circulation. If the measured PI value is 4-5, it usually means that the blood perfusion of the limb is adequate and there is probably no abnormal blood oxygen saturation. If the measured value is lower than normal, it indicates the presence of hypoperfusion. The low oxygen saturation of the body may be related to cold weather or poor peripheral circulation of the body, as well as in patients with heart problems and shock. If the measured value is higher than normal, it may mean that oxygen is more adequate at this time.

Since the state of the measurement site, such as skin, nails, and bones, can have an impact on the blood perfusion of the limb, the PI on pulse oximeter values measured in different states may also vary. In addition, the indicators on the oximeter usually include pulse rate, oxygen saturation, etc. The normal range of pulse rate is 60-100 times/minute, while the normal range of arterial oxygen saturation in normal people is 95%-100% and venous oxygen saturation is 75%. It is recommended to use the oximeter under the guidance of a doctor in a standardized manner to avoid errors in the results as much as possible.

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