4d ultrasound,3d ultrasound , 8K ultrasound

The difference between color ultrasound and B-ultrasound:

  1. color ultrasound is red and blue color in ultrasound ,B ultrasound is black white color .
  2. Price : Color doppler ultrasound price is higher than B ultrasound cost.
  3. Definition: The definition of color ultrasound is higher than that of B-ultrasound, and color ultrasound can see the blood flow-red color on ultrasound.
  4. Different inspection focus:B-ultrasound tends to check the growth and development of the fetus and whether there are lesions in the organs. Ultrasound red and blue colors checks the shape and function of the heart, blood vessels, ovaries and other organs.

The difference between 3D color ultrasound and 4D color ultrasound:

  1. Different photos: 3D color ultrasound display static image , 4D color ultrasound is dynamic image.
  2. Accuracy varies: 4D color ultrasound accuracy is higher
  3. Price: 3d ultrasound price is cheaper than 4d color ultrasound cost
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